It’s estimated that constipation affects more than 65 million people in the US alone, and annual laxative sales are over $1 billion.

To handle our demand for relief is 700 different varieties of OTC and prescription laxatives. 700!

Obviously they are not the answer. Because if any of them worked well without “issues,” would we need so many?

Another, better question is why are we so blocked up to begin with?

The answer is twofold:

1- Eating for constipation

The typical “modern” diet most people have is VERY hard to digest. The human body was not designed to ingest most of the crap you see on grocery store shelves. 99% of that stuff can be categorized as waste.

Hey, I just thought of a new product… “Tasty Wasties!”

And what they create on the way out is “Nasty Wasties!”  As in toxic.

When most of your foods are forced to sit in your stomach for for hours, causing your stomach to overproduce acid just to break them down, but they still aren’t like they should be, the end products of digestion (your feces) get hard and don’t move along like they’re supposed to…

…and you get pain, gas, bloating and grunting (oh, and sometimes hemorrhoids too). And nasty, hard bowel movements.

It matters not that you’ve tried a “magic bullet” like an apple, prunes or some other high fiber food.

Because when the vast majority of what you eat can’t be digested properly, those prunes are useless and usually just add to your gas emissions.

So out come the big guns…

The laxatives.

But that’s only a temporary fix. Sure, nature might call pretty quickly afterward, but you’re doing nothing to address the main underlying cause of your constipation.

And that can lead to…
2- Laxative overuse

When you use laxatives to have bowel movements, things may seem fine at first…

But all the while you’re weakening your intestinal muscles so they are less able to work like they should to move wastes along.

So this eventually makes your constipation even WORSE.

And you can become dependent on laxatives…some people are SO dependent that they can’t have a bowel movement without them!

That’s what was happening to Roxanne. The laxatives did the trick at first, but now her body was dependent on them and her intestinal muscles were getting “lazy.”

That’s why she was able to down enough laxatives to choke a horse and STILL didn’t go.
Ending constipation without medication

If you want REAL, long-lasting constipation relief without laxatives, then you need to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of your constipation.

It’s easy to do.

It’s not as simple as just eating more fiber, fruits and veggies.

A lot of people have tried that. A lot have failed.

You also MUST eat foods that play nice together in your stomach.

When you do, your foods are broken down like they need to be when they enter the intestines. Plus, the alkaline foods you’ve eaten provide added water and fiber to help move things along.

Result: Normal, easy, regular bowel movements. No grunting.

And no more money spent on expensive & dangerous laxatives.

When you follow my advice in the Great Taste No Pain health system, eating to end constipation is a breeze.

In the Great Taste No Pain manuals, I spell out EXACTLY what you should eat with each kind of food, so your wastes will exit “stage rear.”

I’ll show you which foods are acid-forming and which are alkaline, so you’ll know the important “anti-constipation” foods to be sure to include in your diet.  You’ll know what to eat with what…nothing is left out.

And for you cooks, the recipe book is loaded with mouth-watering, gourmet tasting yet easy to make recipes that will make your tongue dance.
Don’t forget the little guys

Not only does constipation make you bloated, gassy and miserable, but having a bunch of “poop” stuck in your intestines also wreaks havoc on your intestinal flora.

This leads to a vicious cycle because, since the friendly bacteria in your intestines help with digestion, when they’re overcome by harmful bacteria they can’t do their job.

And your constipation gets even WORSE.

Harmful bacteria overgrowth also compromises your immune system, making you susceptible to every bug and virus around, and weakens your gut wall so toxins can seep into your bloodstream and cause pain and inflammation.

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