Avoid antacids

Want to get off the Antacids?

Antacid use is VERY common these days.

People pop them left and right, many times daily or after each meal.

Some people even take them just to get calcium, for heaven’s sake!

The logic behind antacids appears sound at first.  But it’s not.  It’s dangerous.  Even though, they can temporarily stop digestive pain, they cannot be taken for long periods without serious consequences.

You see, the acid in your stomach serves some VERY important functions that you don’t want to mess with.

Here are two of the most essential functions:

1- Your body processing food – digestion

Acid digestive enzymes are CRUCIAL to properly digest proteins. So when your stomach secretes acid to break down meat, cheese or other protein, it’s doing its job and should not be interfered with.

When your foods are not broken down like they should be you get gas, bloating and pain.

Plus inadequate digestion also causes protein molecules that are too large to pass through your intestinal wall. From there they travel through the bloodstream and can cause inflammation and pain–anywhere in your body is fair game.

They can also put your immune system on alert, making it mistake these food molecules as dangerous invaders and launch an attack.

That’s how food sensitivities and food allergies are born.
And here’s another lesser-known yet important function of those acids of yours:

2- Protection against bad bacteria

It’s estimated that 300 to 400 BILLION bacteria enter your stomach with EACH MEAL. Under normal circumstances, the strong acid found in gastric juices kills most of these bacteria.

But when your stomach acid is suppressed or destroyed with medication, bacteria with strong toxins pass through your stomach and into the intestines, where they can cause severe diarrhea and a wide number of illnesses (think: E. coli or salmonella).

Your natural enzyme supply

Now, the wrath of acid reducers doesn’t stop there.

Because, you see, when the acids in your stomach are interrupted by medication, your digestion is stopped or greatly slowed down.

Your stomach is smart and knows when this is happening. So it tries to release MORE acid so it can break down the food.

But of course the medication works on that additional acid too.

So the stomach tries again…and again…and again.

This can happen over and over for 8-10 hours or more. And what you end up with is a pool of excess acid that can glide up into your throat and turn you into a fire-breathing dragon.

Plus, this excess secretion of acid over and over depletes your natural enzyme reserve. In other words, you use up far more than Nature intended you to when digesting a meal.

If that goes on too long, you can come dangerously close to running low (or running out).

That’s a major reason why many elderly people have stomach problems when they never had them before in their lives. Their natural enzyme supply is low or non-existent.

What can you do?

Now you’re probably thinking, “Ok, it’s great to know all this. Now what the heck am I supposed to do about my acid reflux? (Or heartburn, GERD, etc.)

Glad you asked because the solution is easy (and logical).

It involves these two things:

1- Compensating for the damage you’ve probably caused already to your enzyme supply with antacid use and

2- Foods that don’t cause indigestion!
The Blue Rock Holistics product, Digestizol Max, was formulated to dramatically help give your enzymes a boost, and/or help preserve your supply so you have some into your golden years.

Digestizol Max has 14 potent plant-derived enzymes and 5 herbs that will give your body the help it needs to break down heavy proteins, complex carbs and sticky fats.  Even if your diet sucks.

Plant-derived enzymes have been shown to be between 10 and 100 times MORE effective at digesting proteins, fats and carbohydrates than animal enzymes. Plus, the plant origins make them suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

Like all of our pharmaceutical-grade products, Digestizol Max ranks off the charts on efficacy, and does it without a high price tag.

Learn more about Digestizol Max and all the ways it can help you here:
Now, for the food part…

Don’t think you can solve all your problems with a digestive enzyme supplement.

Because if you continue to eat badly combined meals and too many acid-forming foods, you will be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to your health. Digestive enzyme supplements are great, but they cannot compensate for a lifetime of poor eating habits and the health problems they cause.

The good news is that eliminating acid reflux is simple.

All it may take is following my advice in the Great Taste No Pain health system.

The Great Taste No Pain manuals spell out why it’s so important to avoid certain meal combinations. It’s logical and will make perfect sense to you. It will motivate you.

Then GTNP shows you what GOOD meal combinations are, shows you how to plan meals, and even gives you a dining out card to carry with you so no matter where you go, you’ll know what to eat and what not eat to stay pain-free!

There is no other guide like it ever published, literally.

And let’s not forget the 112 delicious dishes in the recipe book that you will absolutely LOVE. Savory soups and stews. Tasty salads. Appetizers you’ll be proud to serve your party guests. Even desserts! (Yes, I show you how to enjoy dessert without suffering consequences.)

The winning combination of Digestizol Max and Great Taste No Pain will help you say goodbye to antacids and all their dangers for GOOD.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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