Calcium: Acidity Versus Alkalinity.

Calcium: Acidity Versus Alkalinity:

Calcium: Its the most abundant mineral found within our bodies, many of our body’s system rely upon this mineral for it’s many metabolic processes.

* A little known fact about Calcium:

It regulates and helps to control our blood acid-alkaline balance.

What happens when the Acid-Alkaline balance becomes imbalanced?

High-fat, high-sugar eating plans can cause Acidosis.   A condition whereby your blood acid levels are too high, Calcium is then utilised to reduce the acidity to provide a more alkaline environment.  ‘Acidosis’ destroys bones, simply because the body has to steal alkalizing minerals from them, to maintain the blood pH from dropping into an acidic state. Calcium is the mineral leached from our bones to de-acidify the blood.

* How Acid are you?

   * Signs and symptoms of an Acidic State:

Typical signs and symptoms from eating an unbalanced diet that may be too acidic can include; diarrhea, water retention, migraines, fatigue, bad breath, insomnia and a burning sensation over the tongue and within the mouth.   More serious consequences from acid reflux condition include asthma, chest pains and even coughing up blood in the case of erosive esophagitis.

Alkaline eating plans have been developed to fight a wide variety of health issues including diabetes and obesity which enables it to aid weight loss.  These alkaline foods eating plans should also be applied in conjunction with  a healthy eating plan that consists of more smaller meals throughout your day as opposed to only a couple large meals. With our hectic, ‘rushing around’ type of daily life, we tend to munch on processed, ‘convenience’ foods like ‘crisps & things’, and ‘eat on the go’. Unfortunately, this creates a vicious circle. By filling our intestines with toxins, our bodies cannot receive the needed nutrients, our intestines become lined with mucous filled waste, the ‘Villi’ within the intestines cannot absorb the nutrients, and we actually become: Malnutritioned!

So, here we are; This is our profile; Acid, Toxic, Overweight, and Malnutritioned!  

Ant-Acids and the ‘Merry-Go-Round’:

The Calcium in our body is utilised as a ‘neutriliser’ of acids  body, the Calcium is literally stripped out of the bone, ‘as an emergency’, in order to decrease high levels of acid. Acid is produced at a higher rate after antacid medication, as our body believes it is in a depleted state  of acid, and keeps producing even more acid to compensate. This is precisely why you must never believe that your Calcium levels are being ‘looked after’ if you consume ‘Antacids’!!!

Author; Elizabeth Williamson. Osteopath & Naturopath. Bsc (hons) ND. DO. To find out more on how you can help your body stop this ‘merry-go-round’, visit

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