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Anti – Antacids ?

Are you taking antacids ?  


Heartburn due to Food Combinations

  There are several foods which are either good or bad when combined with others and a bad combination of foods often causes heartburn. Here are some tips to avoid heartburn simply by eating foods in the proper order.  Get GTNP Tips For Combining Foods to Prevent Heartburn 1. Eat fats and oils together with […]


Food Combining to Avoid Heartburn

Food Combining The problem of heartburn or GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) is worsened by improper food combining. It leads to discomfort in the stomach and acid reflux in the esophagus. To avoid the impacts of heartburn, make sure you eat food in the proper combinations. Different groups of food items are digested with the […]


Drop the Antacids and Laxatives

  More than any country in the world, we have major digestive problems.  They  are SO common in our society today that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t occasionally bothered by  heartburn, gas, bloating and/or constipation.  Between 60 and 70 million people in the US alone are affected by digestive disorders.  (According to […]


12 Years of Acid Reflux

Richard said goodbye to 12 years of acid reflux: Dear Sherry, I have been suffering with chronic heartburn and extremely painful acid reflux for the past 12 years. I take a 20 milligram NEXIUM capsule every day to keep it under control. I have been on Nexium for the past 5 years. I was extremely […]