Causes and Remedies of Colitis Symptoms

Colitis is the swelling or inflammation of the large intestine, and is generally a symptom of digestive diseases. The colon is a name given to the large intestine, which collects and stores the waste created during digestion. This muscular tube then pushes the waste material out to the anus.  During this process, mucus secretion and bacteria from the colon ease the movement of undigested waste material. There are a few causes of a swollen colon, which may be related to infections or illness 

Colitis symptoms vary from one person to another, depending on the type and state of colitis one is experiencing. Different symptoms associated with colitis include diarrhea and extreme abdominal pain. Other symptoms include fatigue, cramping, bloating, bowel urgency and lack of hunger. Still other symptoms include weight loss and fever, abdominal tenderness, and blood in stools, though these could also be symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids. The formal procedure to examine  colitis symptoms is known as colonoscopy. Sigmoidoscopy — examination through a flexible tube — and X-ray detection are other methods doctors may use to investigate colitis symptoms.

Naturally, colitis symptoms vary from one person to another . Common symptoms are excessive abdominal pain and feeling of discomfort. As a complication, some people experience irregular and frequent bowel movements. There are cases in which people experience diarrhea; during diarrhea one can have intense pain along with loose, frequent stools. So sufferers of colitis may experience any of these symptoms  If symptoms such as bleeding, weight loss, and severe pain continue, this may indicate colitis is worsening, or in the worst case, worsening symptoms could mean colitis cancer.

It is very important to find the reasons which cause problems related to colitis. There are several possible causes, the most important is diet. Eating meals at regular intervals should be adopted, along with a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Also, increased fluid consumption (at least eight glasses of water a day) is advisable. It’s also a good idea to drink lots a water — up to eight glasses of water a day Drinking lots of water is the most common recommendation — up to 2 quarts a day. 

Drinks with caffeine & alcohol should be excluded and sugary soft drinks should also be avoided. Foods rich in starch and fat must be avoided, which are the typical simple carbohydrates: white rice, potatoes, white flour, and refined sugar.

Half an hour of daily exercise will make your body fit and healthy. Being naturally healthy provides a natural resistance to diseases.   Another remedy for the treatment of colitis includes good medication in accordance with the symptoms.  In the case of extreme pain, different pain killers can be used for the elimination of pain.

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