As you might expect, I constantly scour medical publications, articles and research studies to see the latest and greatest treatment for various sicknesses, with an emphasis on digestive problems.

This helps me understand the mindset and past experiences of someone who comes to me and says something like, “I get terrible gas and bloating every time I eat. I’ve been to 5 doctors, had tons of tests and all they want to do is give me more medications that aren’t helping me. Can you PLEASE help?”

I was just reading an article about constipation written by a gastroenterologist that literally made me laugh out loud.

One of the causes of constipation he mentioned was overuse of laxatives. Then three paragraphs later, he suggests laxatives as a solution to constipation!

Make up your mind, will you?

Another constipation cause he mentioned was putting off or delaying the urge to have a bowel movement.

I don’t know about you, but when Nature calls, I answer, and so do most adults. The people typically known for deliberately “holding it” are kids because they’re too busy playing to take time out to go or they’re resisting toilet training.

And here was the funniest one of all: He said that older age was a cause of constipation.

Oh, OK. So once you’re, say, 70 or older, you can count on having enough time to read War and Peace whenever you’re on the throne?

Uh, no.

Maybe he got his degree from Atsamatta U.

Now, the article did make a few suggestions that were in the right direction, but they were the same old, tired remedies for constipation that you’ve heard a million times: Increase water intake, eat more fiber and exercise.

And if those remedies are really the true key to eliminating constipation, then why are there STILL so many blocked up people who drink water, eat fiber and exercise??

I’ll tell you why.

The most common cause of constipation

Because THE MOST COMMON cause of constipation is one that you’ll likely never hear from a doctor, dietitian or any health-related article (except this email, of course!).

It’s poor digestion… food that goes in OK, but doesn’t get broken down and digested properly.

You see, when your foods are completely broken down and digested like they should be, your wastes slide out the back door nice and easy–with no grunting, straining or rabbit turds.

But when your digestion is poor, your wastes are hard, sticky and mucus covered. They can adhere to your colon wall to the point where you feel like you need a sandblaster to get them off.

The additional price of constipation

Not only does constipation cause the typical gas, bloating and hemorrhoids, but you also get a massive buildup of toxins in your colon that can get absorbed into your bloodstream and wreak havoc everywhere in your body.

In addition to the common problems above, constipation can also lead to:

Bad breath
Body odor
Bowel cancer
Malabsorption of nutrients
Varicose veins

And the toxins from your gut that are now sailing through your veins put a tremendous stress on your liver to try and filter them out.

And last but not least, those wastes lining your colon wall create an environment for harmful bacteria overgrowth. This will weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to every bug or virus in the air.

The real key to ending constipation

The key to ending constipation is to make your digestion as complete and thorough as possible.

There are 3 things you can do to make this happen:

1) Make your meals easy to digest

Eating easy to digest meals with a good balance of foods that are alkaline and natural sources of fiber makes your stomach’s job easier (and helps curb conditions like acid reflux), but that’s not all.

When your foods are digested properly, your wastes can glide through the intestines easily. So bye-bye constipation.

In my health systems, Great Taste No Pain and for gluten-sensitive people, Great Taste No Gluten

I show you how to put together meals that are not only delicious, but are MUCH easier for your body to digest. This results in things “moving along” like they should.

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is that they’re thrilled to be having daily BMs…when many of them haven’t been “regular” for years, with some having fewer than one bowel movement every week or two or even less.

Can you imagine?

2) Balance your intestinal flora

Your beneficial bacteria help break down certain foods and fiber, so having a proper population of them is essential for thorough digestion and avoiding constipation.

Trouble is, thanks to our typical diets and toxin buildup from constipation, many people are walking around with harmful bacteria overgrowth.

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula can help turn that around for you.

Super Shield can help you achieve and maintain the critical balance of at least 85% beneficial bacteria and 15% or less harmful bacteria. This is so crucial to digestive health and a strong immune system.

Super Shield’s 13 strains of pharmaceutical-grade probiotic bacteria will crowd out the “bad guys” in your gut, enhance your digestion and get things moving along a whole lot easier for you.

3) Give your enzymes a boost

The reason constipation is seen in older age people even when they’ve never had a digestive issue in their life is because, hard to digest foods have used up their body’s ability to produce enzymes.

And now they’re S.O.L.

You see, your body uses up a tremendous amount of enzymes trying to break down today’s most popular processed foods. And it can only produce so many enzymes. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Inadequate enzymes = poor digestion = constipation

Digestizol Max digestive enzymes can be a tremendous help for people with low enzymes.

Digestizol Max’s blend of 14 plant-derived enzymes will give your body the help it needs to break down proteins, fats, carbs, fiber and dairy. Whatever you eat, Digestizol Max has you covered!
Don’t waste one more minute relying on constipation remedies that don’t work or living your life on laxatives.

Say goodbye to grunting for good and hello to comfortable, regular bowel movements.

See what a difference it can make to attack constipation at its root cause.


To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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