Detox Menu – Nutrition Facts

Are we in the most advanced country on the planet?  Maybe.  But there are costs associated with all of our ‘progress’.  Here we’ll explore some costs associated with the nutrition of our advanced food supply.

Chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, coatings, pasteurization, radiation, color enhancers, steroids, antibiotics and hormones could all be considered toxins and unnatural to our body’s needs for nutrition.  Yet many of our advanced foods contain some or many of these.  Even if you’re carefully eating high end organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, dairy, meat and fish, you are still going to get some of these nasties.

Perhaps our society’s increase in auto-immune diseases, digestive maladies, cancer, obesity, osteoporosis etc., can all be attributed to the synthetic chemical poisons we breath, eat and drink every day?  What you eat may be killing you.  Continued exposure can cause accumulations in the body that overwhelm our natural detoxification processes.  Eventually, the body can’t get rid of all the bad stuff and it ends up collecting in various organs and tissues, causing all kinds of problems.

Good News!  Many of these accumulations can be slowed or reversed.  With some planning, you could be curing yourself and preventing problems in the future.  Let’s consider a lifestyle and  healing plan that include exercise, fresh air, clean water, certified organic foods, proper dietary intake and limited sun exposure.

First, we’ll detoxifying the body.  Many fruits, vegetables and herbs have cleansing and detoxification qualities.  But, they must be free of chemicals and harmful ingredients and not have been altered by unnatural processes such as irradiation.

So, what are the main provisions on your Detox Menu?  Here are several blue ribbon ingredients for detox and good nutrition that should be a regular part of your life:

Green tea – drink lots

Cruciferous vegetables – kale, collared greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and turnips

Spinach – a wonder food

Lemons, watercress, garlic, oregano, sesame seeds

Fruits – duh, variety is good, blue berries are great

Legumes – kidney beans and lentils

Chili peppers – it turns out that the ‘hot stuff’, capsaicin is muy bueno for you

Sweet potatoes – have way more good stuff in them than regular potatoes

To your health!  Bon appetite.

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