Most members of the medical profession take a REactive or “wait and see” approach to diverticulitis, meaning they address an attack only after it occurs — typically with medications, surgery or both.

What this means is that the life of a diverticulosis sufferer is downright SCARY.

After all, they live each day wondering if today is the day they will get that horrible pain again that brings them to their knees and in to see the guys with knives.

Where will I be if it happens? Will anyone be there to help? Will I need to get some of my colon taken out this time?

Or the very worst: What if there is an intestinal rupture that puts my life in jeopardy?

VERY scary indeed.

But here’s some comforting news:

What can alleviate the concern of a diverticulitis attack is taking a PROactive approach…

As in, preventing attacks from occurring to begin with.

Preventing diverticulitis

To prevent a diverticulitis attack you need to address what causes it to begin with:

Poor, incomplete digestion and harmful bacteria overgrowth.

Bad digestion is the culprit that leads to the waste build-up, constipation and pressure that causes the colon “bulges” that characterize diverticulosis.

And the harmful bacteria that fester in a colon lined with wastes and toxins is what can lead to an infection in one or more of the bulges–in other words, diverticuLOSIS turns to diverticuLITIS.

The good news is it is amazingly easy to to improve your digestion and beef up your population of beneficial bacteria. You just need the right advice and direction.

And that’s why I’m here.

The path to avoiding diverticulitis attacks

Efficient digestion is accomplished by simply eating delicious foods spiced up right in combinations that allow your stomach to break down easier, and making sure you get a fair balance of the alkaline foods that your body needs to function as it should.

I show you exactly what to do in the best-selling digestive health system.

Note: it’s the best-selling digestive health system of all time!

I spell everything out for you in a kind of paint-by-numbers system. Plus, you get pain-free meal planning guides, a recipe book filled with mouth-watering dishes (not one bad recipe in it — not one) and even a credit-card sized restaurant guide so you don’t blow it when you dine out.

Diet alone may not be enough

And to ensure that you have a healthy population of beneficial bacteria, it’s important to have a healthy diet AND take a high quality probiotic.

You see, a healthy diet isn’t always enough to ensure proper intestinal flora balance because too many factors other than diet can encourage harmful bacteria overgrowth — like stress, lack of sleep, medications and the thousands of environmental toxins you are exposed to daily…to name a few.

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula helps to support the aim of keeping your intestines from becoming infected.

Studies show that taking a wide variety of probiotic strains is most effective, since each individual strain has its own “specialty” in terms of how it enhances your health.

Super Shield has 13 of the most feisty, potent beneficial bacteria strains that will take up residence in your intestinal tract, help digest your foods, keep your gut wall strong and most importantly, keep the harmful bacteria in check.
Thousands of people have said goodbye to diverticulitis for good with Great Taste No Pain and Super Shield.

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