Eat Alkaline – Lose Weight

Holidays – It’s a time for FOOD, glorious food! All those get-togethers, dinners and parties with all that delicious food…

…and for many people, that means packing on the pounds.

Sadly, I’ve heard scores of people say they dread the holidays because they know they’ll put on weight and have trouble taking it off.

Know what?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It IS possible to maintain a consistent weight even through the holidays.

You see, when you have doable standards for eating that you will not break and live every day feeding your body the way it was designed to be fed, excess pounds are never, ever an issue.

Here’s why:

Your body is alkaline by design. All of your organs and systems work their best (perfectly, actually) in an alkaline environment.

When your body has acid waste buildup, it doesn’t function properly and it begins to literally break down and fall apart. And you get pain, sickness, disease and…obesity.

So if you are hurting, sick or overweight, you are acidic.


Eating 50-70+% alkaline foods and combining your foods in the way that keeps digestive acid low is the key to holidays (and every day) without extra poundage.

When you eat foods that are digested with complimentary enzymes in the stomach, digestion is a snap and your food glides through the intestines smoothly.

No more toxic waste build-up.

No constipation

No bloating.

This means a trimmer, more energetic YOU.

Plus, when you don’t have overproduction of acid in your stomach, you’ll absorb more of the nutrients from your foods, so you’ll only feel hungry when you need more nutrients, not when your stomach is empty.

In the Great Taste No Pain system, I’ll show you the foods to eat and the combinations to eat them in so you can feel good at your ideal weight. You’ll also get a book of delicious recipes and even guides for eating desserts!

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