Eat Organic Food

Organic or Non Organic.

There is no lack of expert opinions as to which is more tasty and greater for you. The reality is many research suggest that organic product and non organic create have pretty much the same level of nutrients.
There are more benefits to eating organic food and although the nutrient level could be the same we feel going organic is better. To be catalogued as organic crops must be grown and sold without the usage of bioengineering, insecticides, herbicides, synthetic manure, sewage sludge or irradiation. Organic animal products can only be labelled as such if they’re given organic feed, are free from expansion hormones and antibiotics, permitted entry to pasture land to graze.

Pro-organic activists will roll out any amount of unimaginable reasons to convince the general public organic produce is better. Organic food cures cancer, organic food reduces planetary warming ; organic food can save the globe. We feel the advantages of organic food are inducement enough to persuade people to eat organic. Below is a listing of reasons organic is much better for you and the planet :

1. Animals on organic farms have better lives as they are given scheduled access to pasture and fed a natural diet. Animals on traditional farms frequently spend their full lives indoors and eat a selection of less than appropriate material. It is well known that cattle for meat production are often fed products made up of card, cement dust, and animal carcass, so as to cut fed costs.

2. Less poisons in your body : when you eat generate grown by adding chemicals, hormones and antibiotics and covered in pesticides it is sensible that a few of these are going to make their way into your body. Over an entire life what proportion of these poisons are we eating? Your liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin are continually working to get rid of these toxins from our bodies. Organic produce doesn’t use these poisons and are thus far better for our overall wellbeing.

3. Less pesticides in the environment : the chemicals poured on to non-organic produce frequently ends up in the soil. This can end up in a degradation of soil quality. Studies show that organic farms have healthier soil, containing 88% more Organic farms are also better for wildlife. Studies indicate that wildlife is significantly richer and more varied on organic than on typical farms.

4. Genetically Modified Crops : organic produce is not genetically adapted. Many types of food bought from the local supermarket contain genetically altered products. Food producers often don’t list if an ingredient has been genetically enhanced and the only way to be sure is to buy licensed organic products. There hasn’t been ample research into genetically modified foods to know if they are safe of deadly, but we incline not to be lab rats.

Eat Better Now.

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