Eating Right – Not Fad Diets

Staying Healthy by Eating Right

Eating Right not Fad Diets

Want to live long and be healthy?  Of these 8 crucial factors, which do you think is the most important?

– Not smoking

– Be happy

– Get 8 hours of sleep every night

– Digestive health

– Drink moderately

– Exercise regularly

– Reduce stress

– Maintain a healthy weight

Those are all great ideas that can help enhance your health and add years to your life.  But the most important factor in determining whether you’re healthy or sick is…ta da:

Digestive health

You got it.  It’s all about the gut.  From your mouth to your, well you know… Eating right trumps them all.  There’s a saying:  “You dig your grave with your teeth.”  It’s so true.  What you put in your mouth makes all the difference.

Why are eating right and proper digestion so important?

  • Well, we eat to live.  Your body needs fuel – nutrients to stay healthy.  In order for your body to get the nutrients from the foods you eat, they must be broken down completely to be absorbed through your intestines.
  • When your digestion is poor, you don’t get the benefits of the nutrients in the food.  This can lead to a variety of health issues, OK let’s just say, this can lead to ALL the health issues.
  • Oh, and by the way, taking supplements won’t help to fill in what you are missing.  If your digestion is off, the vitamins pills won’t be absorbed either.  Bummer.
  • You must maintain a slightly alkaline pH: about 7.365.  If your body is acidic from poor digestion and the accumulation of acid waste, it is vulnerable to all kinds of maladies.  Cancer, acid reflux, GERD, diverticulosis and IBS all stem from poor digestion and thrive in an acidic environment.
  • Most of your immune system starts with the good bacteria that are in your gut.  These busy little guys destroy pathogens and carcinogens you ingest and keep your intestines strong.
  • When harmful bacteria have the “upper hand” in your gut, the friendly bacteria can’t do their job…and you pay the price with a weakened immune system, susceptible to every bug and virus that comes down the street.

So it’s crucial that; you eat mostly alkaline foods, you combine your foods correctly so they will be digested thoroughly, that all wastes are eliminated properly, and you keep your body pH alkaline.  Stay Healhy without Fad Diets.   Simple Healthy Eating.

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