Food Combining is Good Nutrition

Food Combining is the TRUE key to perfect digestion and Good Nutrition


And it’s easily done by following the advice in the Great
Taste No Pain health system.

The GTNP manual “How to End Stomach Pain Forever Even If
Your MD Says, ‘No Way!'” shows you exactly how to do this,
and explains why Food Combining works so well with EVERYONE’s digestive
system — including YOURS.

Plus the manual “What To Eat With What” lists hundreds of
different foods and tells you the other foods that digest
well with them.  It also tells you exactly what other foods
you should not eat with them.

And the self-explanatory “Foods That Create Acid, Foods
That Take It Away” spells right out which foods add to the
acidity in your body and the alkaline foods that take it

It’s so easy that even a 10 year-old could follow it and
never have tummy troubles.

Learn more about Food Combining here.

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