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Health – Head to Toe

The food you eat has the single most immediate and long lasting effect on your digestion, your GI tract and arguably your entire system.

When you eat meals that are hard for your body to digest and create too many acid wastes, you’re creating a toxic environment that your GI tract can’t keep up with.  You are inviting problems.

The symptoms can vary from person to person–some will get acid reflux, others constipation and still others, IBS.  There WILL be an effect–that is certain.

And, poor digestion doesn’t just stop at gut problems.

Poor digestion causes acid waste build-up in your intestinal tract.  Toxins and poorly digested food molecules can get absorbed into your bloodstream and go everywhere in your body.

This makes your pH too acidic, causes inflammation, food sensitivities and makes your body the perfect place for sickness and disease from head to toe.

So it’s not surprising that many problems will result from eating foods that don’t digest well.  ALL of your glands and organs will be stressed from an environment that is too toxic and acidic.

In order for all of your systems to function properly, you MUST have efficient digestion, minimize acid wastes in your body and have balanced intestinal flora (for a strong immune system).

What can you do? Follow these simple two steps.

Eat meals that are easy to digest

This is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Great Taste No Pain Health System.

Follow easy steps on how to create luscious meals using nutritious real foods (nothing weird) that are easy for your body to digest.

When your foods are broken down like they should be, this encourages better nutrient absorption, fewer acid wastes and easy, regular bowel movements.

This makes a HUGE  difference in how you feel from head to toe.

And, Great Taste No Pain costs WAY less than any doctor visit or prescription drug!

Balance your intestinal flora

For anyone who has had digestive problems for a long time, taken antibiotics or had a flu shot, chances are excellent that the beneficial bacteria in your gut have taken a hit and may be outnumbered by harmful bacteria.

That means a weakened immune system, a leaky gut wall and even worse impaired digestion!

But you can easily replenish your supply of friendly flora by eating the nutritious foods they love (in Step 1 above) as well as supplementing with a medical-grade probiotics.

Get multiple strains of potent probiotic,  disease fighting bacteria. They go to work immediately in your gut fighting disease, strengthening your gut wall, enhancing digestion and crowding out harmful pathogens.

Create a safe, natural, holistic approach by giving your body what it needs so it can do what it’s supposed to do.  Our bodies’ natural state is health.


Sherry Brescia


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