Natural Way of Healing Headaches

What causes headaches comes from numerous issues. What follows are some simple and basic recommendations. Most headaches are caused by dehydration and liver overload!!


1. Water: 90% of all headache syndromes are due to dehydration. Slowly but surely work your way up to a minimum of 96 ounces a day which is 3 quarts by drinking water slowly even if you have to drink just 4 ounces every20 minutes. Toxins created by diet and stress will be released with water. — HYDRATION IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST IF YOU WANT TO HELP YOURSELF.

2. Ileo Cecal Valve:  Every night at bedtime, MASSAGE YOUR ILEO-CECAL VALVE WHICH IS LOCATED 2 INCHES TO THE RIGHT OF THE NAVEL AND 2 INCHES DOWN . When the ileo-cecal valve is not opening and closing properly, the liver will not drain thus preventing the release of toxins which in turn causes headaches from venous congestion due to liver overload. Stress is the culprit causing the ileo-cecal valve to malfunction. So one can only imagine how many people suffer from this syndrome.

3. Castor Oil Pack: Edgar Cayce first channeled the information about Castor Oil Packs back in 1915. He said that the castor oil bean itself was blessed by Jesus and as such has the same healing ability as the “palm of Christ”. You can read an enormous amount of scholarship on their healing potential on “Google”. The castor oil packs literally clean up the liver from the outside/in.

**Set up the “Castor Oil Pack System” Right next to your bed so at night you can just reach over and place the pack over the liver for 20 minutes before a good night’s sleep. Try to do this 2-3 times per week.

4. Lemon Slice Tea: 1st thing in the morning. Cut a slice of a lemon and put it in the bottom of a cup; then pour boiling water in. Drink before drinking anything else. This will cause the release of the excess bile accumulated through the night and thus set the stage for less congestion throughout the day.

5. Milk Thistle: especially in the form of tea is also historically famous for decongesting an overloaded liver especially when the cause is drug use both pharmaceutical and recreational and alcohol consumption. A cup of freshly steeped tea at bedtime is definitely worth a try.

6. Feverfew: What’s historically famous for helping decongest an overloaded liver, is the herb “Feverfew”. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and documented to relieve headache pain especially migraine headache.

7. Hot Baths: at least 3 times per week using plenty of Epsom Salt and some Baking Soda

** Because heat is a vasodilator and dilation is an expansion of contracted uptight blood vessels, hot baths remove an enormous amount of toxins.. They are more apt to release the toxic overload they are carrying once these vessels open up.  An excellent resource for the kidneys to relax and release are also hot baths. Because of their dilating effect, hot baths will cool down the body even on the hottest of days. With hot bath therapy, water drinking is essential.

NOTE: When a person drinks too much alcohol, they wake up with a hangover. Alcohol is severely dehydrating. The hangover includes a headache and neck pain. Both headaches and neck pain are signs of an overloaded liver. Alcohol is also the final by-product of wheat digestion. So one can eat too much wheat and suffer the same exact symptoms as if they drank too much alcohol.


By Dr. Philip Princetta, Chiropractic Physic


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