Nutrition Facts – The Top 7 Bad Food List

Nutrition Facts – The Top 7 Bad Food List

Run, Don’t Walk Away

Toxic, venomous, poisonous.  A substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health.   Hmmm.  Not good.  Here are the top 7 on the Bad Food list – toxins you should avoid.

The skull and crossbones image should pop to the forefront of your mind.  And this part of your highway to health will be a bit more difficult than just eating more vegetables.  This stuff is everywhere in our food culture.  Bummer.

One of the problems with this stuff is that, the damage it does is slow and you might not even know it’s happening.  Most of these fun ingredients are going to create an acidic state in your body.  That’s bad.  Cancer grows in an acidid environment. Eating and drinking them day in, day out will certainly take quality years off your life, and increase your likeliness to be sick and overweight.

Most of us trust and respect our government to some degree.  The FDA in this case is not helping.  Caveat emptor for you, the consumer because the FDA has big industries to keep happy:  dairy, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, sugar and other ingredient manufacturers.  You are not always getting information that is beneficial to your health. Those big industries are in business to make money.  And they all know – if it tastes good, people will eat it.

You must arm yourself with the information you need to stay healthy.

So, here they are – your ‘turn and run’ poisons.  They aren’t in order of badness.  That would be hard to do with this team:

1) High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

It’s everywhere!  Our society consumes tons of it.  It makes stuff taste good.  It makes you acidic.  It makes you fat.  Not to mention what it does to your kidneys, insulin levels, bones, cholesterol, etc.

Get in the habit of reading the labels.  Find products that don’t use HFCS, like most organics.

2) Meats preserved with nitrates

Sodium nitrate or nitrite.  Ask your pancreas, stomach and colon what they think about this little cancer causing duo.  It’s in ham, hot dogs, bacon and lunch meat, just to name a few.  Make a different choice.

3) Processed foods

All the packaged foods that contain ingredients other than a basic food: lots of salt and sugar (tastes good) plus chemicals and preservatives for long shelf life. Very convenient and tasty, but not so good for you: empty calories with no nutrients.

4)  Soda

Here’s a doozy.  Think skull and crossbones again.  You’ve got to get off this stuff.  Acid in a bottle.  It takes about 3x the amount of water to neutralize the acid in just ONE can of soda.  A big strain on the kidneys that have to filter the acid.

Your body will also try to neutralize the acid with its own alkaline sources, taking minerals from bones and muscle.  How do YOU spell osteoporosis?

Oh and by the way, our good friend HFCS gets in the game here too.  Nice.

5)  Artificial sweeteners

Aspartame (called Equal or Nutrasweet) and Splenda.  This one’s easy: they’re poisons, stay away. Find another way to get the sweetening you desire. Try Stevia. ‘Nuff said.

6)  Hydrogenated oils

The bad boys of deep fry, baked goods, packaged foods, coffee creamers, margarine, and on and on.  Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils contain trans- fatty acids.  These are fats that your body CANNOT metabolize.  Instead, they just make a mess of  your arteries,  cause inflammation, cell damage and heart attacks.

Look for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” on package labels.  If you see them, don’t buy it.

7)  Tap water

Even if your community has award winning water, it’s may still not be good for you.  Most  tap water is acidic and many water system add toxins like fluoride and chlorine.

The best choice of alkaline water is distilled water.  Filters can help too if you use reverse osmosis. Be sure and read what the filters take out.  Be careful with bottled water as it is often no better than what comes out of your tap.

There they are:  The 7 Nasties from the Bad Dream Team.  Do yourself a favor and find alternatives for all of the above.

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Food Combining Means No Heartburn

FOOD COMBINING: The Secret to Healthy Pain-Free Digestion

Think about this:  the classic American diet is why you don’t feel well.  Meat and potatoes, ham on rye, tuna and noodles, eggs and bacon and toast or even the venerable cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun.

The bad news is that together those combinations are making us fatter and sicker.  The good news is that you can still eat all of the above, but you must eat these foods in the correct combinations or you’re going to feel bloated, gassy, tired and many other less than ideal conditions due to improper digestion.

Digestive problems begin when you eat improperly combined foods day after day. This stresses your digestive system and can cause serious digestive conditions like diverticulitis, gastritis, colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, ulcers, acid reflux etc.

Different food types trigger the release of different digestive enzymes, some acidic

and others alkaline.  Both are necessary for our lives.  But when both types of digestive enzymes are trying to work on improper food combinations at the same time, problems  can develop.  The alkaline and acid enzymes neutralize each other to the point where digestion is greatly impaired and your food does not get broken down.  Instead of being nourished, you get cramps,  acid reflux, constipation, heartburn and other fun things.

Eat What You Want – Just Combine Foods Correctly

Food combining was developed almost 100 years ago by Dr. William Howard Hay, a

prominent New York physician.  He wanted to cure his own health and developed what he called the Hay Diet.  Since then, modern medicine and big pharmaceutical companies so dominated the 20th century that the simple, common sense techniques of food combining got sidelined by antibiotics and surgery.

Food combining is a way of eating foods so that the digestive process can work.   Fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all require different digestion times and digestive enzymes, in order to be broken down and utilized by the body properly.

The foods you eat should have approximately the same digestion times and use complimentary digestive processes to break them down.

Protein foods (meats, dairy) need an acidic environment in the stomach.  Carbohydrates (starches and sugars), require a much more alkaline environment and are digested in the intestines.  When you put meats and carbs together, you prevent your digestive system from doing its job. In doing so, you have slowed the digestive process down to almost a complete stop.

Combining is actually quite simple.  Foods are put into three distinct types:

Type 1 foods are relatively neutral and pass through your stomach with little or no digestive enzymes required to break them down: fruits and vegetables.

Type 2 foods require alkaline digestive enzymes to break down, beginning in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin and continuing in the stomach and small intestine: carbs and vegetables.

Type 3 foods need hydrochloric acid and pepsin in the stomach: animal proteins and dairy.

When you combine your foods properly, you can still enjoy the foods are used to without pain for discomfort.  We’re not talking about restrictive diets, just a few simple guidelines. You don’t have to go hungry, or only eat grapefruit for two weeks… Just combine your foods properly and your digestive system will reward you handsomely.  It works fast too.  You can notice the difference in as little as a day or two.

Learn how to eat with the Great Taste No Pain system.  Lose weight, feel better, fight disease and start your IBS-free life today. Get a Free No Abdominal Pain Report here and restore your body’s digestion. See what it’s like to experience a “miracle.”

Most Americans Still Not Eating Enough Fruits, Veggies

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Eating Right – Not Fad Diets

Staying Healthy by Eating Right

Eating Right not Fad Diets

Want to live long and be healthy?  Of these 8 crucial factors, which do you think is the most important?

– Not smoking

– Be happy

– Get 8 hours of sleep every night

– Digestive health

– Drink moderately

– Exercise regularly

– Reduce stress

– Maintain a healthy weight

Those are all great ideas that can help enhance your health and add years to your life.  But the most important factor in determining whether you’re healthy or sick is…ta da:

Digestive health

You got it.  It’s all about the gut.  From your mouth to your, well you know… Eating right trumps them all.  There’s a saying:  “You dig your grave with your teeth.”  It’s so true.  What you put in your mouth makes all the difference.

Why are eating right and proper digestion so important?

  • Well, we eat to live.  Your body needs fuel – nutrients to stay healthy.  In order for your body to get the nutrients from the foods you eat, they must be broken down completely to be absorbed through your intestines.
  • When your digestion is poor, you don’t get the benefits of the nutrients in the food.  This can lead to a variety of health issues, OK let’s just say, this can lead to ALL the health issues.
  • Oh, and by the way, taking supplements won’t help to fill in what you are missing.  If your digestion is off, the vitamins pills won’t be absorbed either.  Bummer.
  • You must maintain a slightly alkaline pH: about 7.365.  If your body is acidic from poor digestion and the accumulation of acid waste, it is vulnerable to all kinds of maladies.  Cancer, acid reflux, GERD, diverticulosis and IBS all stem from poor digestion and thrive in an acidic environment.
  • Most of your immune system starts with the good bacteria that are in your gut.  These busy little guys destroy pathogens and carcinogens you ingest and keep your intestines strong.
  • When harmful bacteria have the “upper hand” in your gut, the friendly bacteria can’t do their job…and you pay the price with a weakened immune system, susceptible to every bug and virus that comes down the street.

So it’s crucial that; you eat mostly alkaline foods, you combine your foods correctly so they will be digested thoroughly, that all wastes are eliminated properly, and you keep your body pH alkaline.  Stay Healhy without Fad Diets.   Simple Healthy Eating.

Learn how to eat with the Great Taste No Pain system.  Lose weight, feel better, fight disease and start your IBS-free life today. Get a Free No Abdominal Pain Report here and restore your body’s digestion. See what it’s like to experience a “miracle.”  More information at: