Prevent Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is one of the most preventable health problems on the planet.

Because unlike Crohn’s or colitis for example, which also have an immune system component, acid reflux is 100%, completely and totally the result of what you eat. Exclamation point.

Because acid reflux is simply the result of your stomach attempting to break down processed foods and poor food combinations that you’ve eaten that are next to impossible to digest.

And your stomach does the one thing it was designed to do — secrete acid enzymes over and over again.

So even though the pharmaceutical companies were successful in getting reflux to be called a disease, there truly is no “disease” process going on here — reflux is a process you bring it entirely on yourself, my friend.

Besides the obvious overabundance of acid which lights your chest on fire and slides up your throat, this creates a cycle of other not-so-good effects.

See if any of these sound like you:

1- Hungry ALL the time

Excess acid destroys the naturally occurring nutrients in your foods. But since your body’s hunger signal is triggered by a need for nutrients (not by a physical absence of food in your stomach), if you’re not getting nutrients from your food, you end up feeling hungry almost 24/7.

And that leads to overeating and LOTS more of you to love.

2- Pains everywhere plus crumbling bones

Excess acidity in your digestive system doesn’t stay put. It gets absorbed into your bloodstream and is transported all over your body.

This leads to inflammation all over. Inflammatory conditions that have been linked to excess body acidity include migraines, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name a few.

Plus, your body uses up its own supply of alkaline minerals to neutralize the acid in your blood, one of which is calcium from your bones. This leaching of bone calcium often leads to osteoporosis.

3- Trouble down under

Food that is not broken down well in the stomach doesn’t “ease on down the road” very well either.

This leads to gas, pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea, and waste build-up in your colon, and can eventually lead to diverticulosis.
Acid reflux “remedies”

Now, here’s the best part. The typical remedy for acid reflux is, of course, drugs. Antacids. Acid reducers. PPIs (like the purple pill).

But they make the problem WORSE — not better.

They “work” by neutralizing or reducing the acid in your stomach. But your stomach needs acid to break down proteins. So all the purple pill does is ruin your digestion (and lead to trouble down under like in #3 above).

The problem is NOT acid — it’s EXCESS acid. They’re 2 completely different things.
Spicy foods do not cause reflux

What makes matters worse is that many members of the medical community still have a mistaken idea about the role of diet in acid reflux.

The dietary advice typically given to acid reflux sufferers is to avoid things like spicy foods and citrus fruits.

That advice is useless.

It has no basis in fact.

Studies show it’s false.

Spices and citrus fruits are ALKALINE to your body, so they are actually GOOD for acid reflux.

So what you’ve been told is actually harming you.

Ironic, huh?

Now, here’s a new piece of “dietary advice” I heard that REALLY boggled my mind:

Recently I did a presentation for a group of college students about acid/alkaline balance. After my talk, one student came up to me and told me she had acid reflux and that her doctor told her to drink soda to make her burp…but it didn’t do any good.

My chin hit the ground.

Her doctor ought to be on the cover of a book called, “The worst doctors in America.” Because soda is THE most acidic, health-destroying beverage known to man. It’s about as good for you as rat poison. And this poor young lady was told by this putzmeister to drink it for her acid reflux!

Talk about creating a patient for life, eh?

What REALLY works

Listen, if you want to get rid of acid reflux forever, it’s easy.

If you want to ditch the purple pills, you can.

If you want to stop sleeping propped up on pillows, it can happen.

Even if you’ve had reflux your whole life.

I can teach you how to get rid of acid reflux for about half the cost of a single doctor visit.

Read that sentence again.

In the Great Taste No Pain system I explain the few simple principles you need to know to make all of your meals easy to digest.

In “How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD Says, ‘No Way!'” you’ll learn the science behind good combinations of foods and why it’s so effective for everyone. Your mouth will be open a lot (in shock) as you read this eye-opening manual. And you’ll know that you will never suffer from reflux again, as long as you do a few simple things.

“What To Eat With What spells out all the foods and drinks that you can have with your favorite meats.  You’ll know what you can eat with pastas without pain. You’ll have many choices of pain-free breakfasts. You’ll learn how to snack and never pay for it with pain. No pain.  Lots of pleasure.

You’ll know which desserts you can have based on what you had for dinner. So, once again, no pain. Just pleasure.

This will be your bible for living pain-free.

And when you go out to a restaurant, no problemo.

You’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll be able to eat anywhere without suffering. And if you forget a rule of pain-free eating, you get a handy fold-up, wallet-sized card to remind you.

And the recipe book has 112 scrumptious dishes that you’ll love. Many are probably foods that you thought you could never eat again — but you CAN! You CAN!

Don’t spend one more night with your chest on fire. Don’t think for a minute more that you’ll be a slave to the purple pills forever.

Follow my advice in Great Taste No Pain and you’ll see how quickly YOU can be free of acid-reflux for good.

To your health,

Sherry Brescia

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