Still Climbing the Wrong Pyramid?

Here’s the old Food Pyramid

old food pyramid

Old Food Pyramid

1992.  It’s not all bad, but new research shows important new findings.  Much of this information is compiled and published by groups that have a vested interest in what we eat:  National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc., and the National Diary Council.  Be aware.


Here’s the New Food Pyramid

new food pyramid

New Food Pyramid

2005.  It’s better, but still not the whole story.  Vegetables are second in the graph from left to right.  They need to be first.

Find out how to eat the right things in the right order.

You do need to eliminate the bad fats:  saturated and trans fats from meat and processed foods like potato chips.  Avoid lard and butter and especially hydrogenated fats.   But, the body needs the good fats: monosaturated and polyunsaturated found in olive oil, grape seed oil, avocados and sesame seeds.

The old pyramid recommended too much carbohydrates.  Start by eliminating the simple, highly processed carbs like white bread.  Then go for 2-3 servings of complex carbs:  oatmeal, and whole grains.  They retain most of their vitamins, minerals and are loaded with good fiber.

Eat lots of whole fruit, cleaned of residues, skins too.

Protein from legumes, nuts and seeds is very important.  Cut down on the animal proteins.  Some fish is good to get balanced fatty acids.

Minimize or eliminate dairy products.  If you think you need calcium, it’s readily available in green leafies like spinach or broccoli.

Also the pyramid does not address gut flora, or the good bacteria in your intestines.  There are many ‘probiotic’ foods such as kim chi, yogurt, miso and sauerkraut that support healthy bacteria populations in your intestines.

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General caloric intake recommendations:

  • 1600 calories for most women and older adults; 36-53 gr fat
  • 2200 calories for kids, teen girls, active women and most men; 49-73 gr fat
  • 2800 calories for teen boys, and active men; 62-93 gr fat

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