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12 Years of Acid Reflux

Richard said goodbye to 12 years of acid reflux: Dear Sherry, I have been suffering with chronic heartburn and extremely painful acid reflux for the past 12 years. I take a 20 milligram NEXIUM capsule every day to keep it under control. I have been on Nexium for the past 5 years. I was extremely […]


Avoid antacids

Want to get off the Antacids?         Antacid use is VERY common these days. People pop them left and right, many times daily or after each meal. Some people even take them just to get calcium, for heaven’s sake! The logic behind antacids appears sound at first.  But it’s not.  It’s dangerous.  […]


Heartburn Red Hot

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Stomach Pain

Get rid of that stomach pain once and for all! Acid reflux and heartburn can be a very unpleasant thing to have to live with. Many people with acid reflux experience stomach pain in the form of crippling crams for which they often feel that there is no cure. There is no reason why you […]


Apple Cider Vinegar Helps In Curing Acid Reflux

Snow white slowly took a small bite belonging to the apple and she fell to the ground losing consciousness. Most children, and even the adults, have an understanding of this fairy tale story. It is in actual fact a little tale, in true to life, the apple will make wonders.In reality, the majority have problems […]