Troubling Health Trends

The 6 Most Troubling Health Trends Today
Hi,  common themes come up again and again when people tell me about their health and what their doctors tell them.See how many of them describe you:1) Expensive medicationYou dread going to the doctor because you know all it will mean is more expensive, embarrassing tests and more prescription drugs. Heaven help you if they happen to be one of the new “premiere” drugs that are barely covered under insurance–you’ll practically need a second mortgage on your house to afford them.Are you spending too much money on medications you don’t want to take?
2) One drug leads to another

If you are taking medications, they only provide minimal relief if any at all. And it’s pretty likely that you’re suffering from one or more side effects. You might even need another medication to address the side effects of the first one.

Sound familiar?
3) Getting WORSE–not better

Even though you may be “getting treated” for a health problem, chances are it’s getting worse and worse–not better. The treatment is not working.

Am I talking about you?
4) The white coat treadmill

You might be taking a certain drug for a condition, but it eventually stops working or causes horrible side effects. So you go to the doctor and get another one. But then THAT drug either stops working or causes side effects. So you go back to the doctor again and get yet ANOTHER pill, and…you see the pattern.

I call that “running on the white coat treadmill.”

Are you a runner?
5) “Diet doesn’t matter”

If you have a digestive problem and ask your doctor what you should or shouldn’t be eating, you are told that either:

1- “You must avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits, raw vegetables, nuts or seeds,” or
2- “Your diet doesn’t matter.”

Both of these pieces of “advice,” by the way, are completely, 100% wrong, and not grounded in any scientific evidence whatsoever. Old tales…like getting 7 yrs of bad luck for breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder. There is, however, a mountain of research, both old and new, proving it false.

Have you been told this rubbish by doctors?
6) You see pain and illness as normal…expected

This is probably the saddest trend of all. So many clients tell me that they’ve been in pain for so long they’ve come to view it as normal or the way it’s meant to be for them.

News flash: Pain is NOT normal. It’s a sign that something is seriously wrong with your body, which if corrected, can make the pain go away or reduce significantly.

Has pain or “upset,” and specifically pain somewhere between your throat and your anus, become common for you?


If you saw yourself in one or more of these themes, I have great news for you.

Your life and state of health are about to change very dramatically and with lightning speed…

…by doing something that’s probably never been suggested to you before: Altering your food choices!

Do that in the proper way and your stomach naturally secretes less acid, and your intestinal flora can be in perfect balance.

That’s right.

It’s almost magical. And here’s the truth about why it can happen so predictably:

Alkaline pH

Your body is meant to be alkaline. It’s how you were born and how you’re meant to stay. All of your organs, tissues, bones and joints work like they’re supposed to when your blood pH is slightly alkaline (around 7.365).

When there are forces working on and in your body that try to make your pH too acidic, however, that’s when your body begins to literally break down. Aches and pains creep up. Tumors flourish. Nasty diseases rear their ugly heads.

Now, far and away the best and fastest way to achieve and maintain an alkaline pH is from the food you eat (and the food you do NOT eat). To prevent illness and pains, you must eat foods and meal combinations that are alkalizing to your body. If you don’t, you get sick. If you do, you feel better instantly.

“You are what you eat” is the greatest truth of all.

If you’re not sure where to start, no problem. Simply follow my advice in the Great Taste No Pain digestive health system.
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I will show you which foods are acid forming to your body and which are alkaline. I’ll show you exactly how to create perfect, easily digestible, to-die-for meal combinations.

It’s so simple an 8 yr old can learn this. Probably a 7 yr old.

So you can, too…right?

You’ll be astounded at how delicious the food is, and even more shocked at how quickly you’ll start to feel better. I‘ve seen thousands of people end their illnesses in just days or as quickly as one meal.

Even if their doctors gave them no hope at all.

No exaggeration.

It can happen that fast!  Even if you’ve been in misery every day for years.

Balance intestinal flora

This is the second half of the “almost magical health formula.”

Your body (especially your digestion and your immune system) functions optimally when you have a healthy balance of friendly vs. harmful bacteria in your gut.

You should have at least 85% beneficial bacteria and no more than 15% harmful.

Problem is, due to acid-forming foods, environmental toxins, stress and MEDICATIONS, most people’s flora balances are completely the opposite of what they should be.

In other words, they’re overrun with dangerous bacteria.

This leads to or worsens digestive problems, as well as making your immune system practically non-existent.

If you’ve been suffering from one cold, virus or infection after another, this is likely the reason why.

Balancing your intestinal flora is easy — a high quality probiotic supplement is a must.



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