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Sandra asks…

What diet does a person with Crohns disease have to follow?

My brother was just diagnosed with Crohns on Thursday, but can not get into the doctor or nutritionist for a week and a half. What are the diet guidelines that he should be following until he can get into the doctor so he wont be aggravating it?
Also… my brother is only 32, is that young for a diagnosis like this?

Nutritionatlast answers:

My mom and aunt have crohns and each have a list of different foods they have to avoid- its an individual tollerance thing- but i did look it up and heres a link to check out that should help-

If he’s been sick long enough to have crohns he should have a pretty good idea himself what he should stay away from-

best of luck – and crohns can happen at any age

Steven asks…

I have Crohns Disease and would like to diet. Does anyone have any diet plans specifically for this?

I have Crohns Disease and seem to have put on about 4 stone due to having to take steriods on and off. I would like to diet but find that alot of diet plans focus mainly on fibre related products which I can’t eat. Can anyone help, please?

Nutritionatlast answers:

Cant help, but my advice would be to see your doctor and ask for a referral to a dietician.

The treatment for Crohns causes other health issues (like wiight), and these should also be addressed as part of the treatment.

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