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Ken asks…

According to food combination principals, can you combine fish with avocado? Or will that cause indigestion?

Nutritionatlast answers:

Personally, tuna & avocado sandwiches are one of my favourites and they’ve never caused me any problems 🙂

Linda asks…

Black women and Mixed Black women: What natural food product is better for the hair avocado or coconut oil?

Especially if you’re using it as a deep conditioner, when it’s wet, healthy for the hair or something like that,etc.

BQ: What type of hair hair do you have (relaxed,natural, bi-racial, two different combined textures,etc)?
Want black women/mixed black women answering this with on topic questions. No ranting, racist comments, off-topic answers,etc.
Has anyone ever really used riped natural avocado and put it on their hair then wash it?

Nutritionatlast answers:

Black Female- Natural for 4 years now…
I use Nutiva Coconut Oil, it’s amazing….

It helps with:
Dandruff control.
Adds body and shine to dull lifeless hair.
Moisturizes, softens and conditions dry hair.
Strengthens hair from inside the shaft.
Prevents split ends.
Smoothes roughness in the hair.
Increases hair growth (because of less damage and breakage).

The fact that coconut oil smells like heaven doesn’t hurt either!

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