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Mary asks…


so i am 26w3d and i have the worst hearburn ever. iver had it the whole pregnancy but the last week it is getting worse! i eat tums like crazy but i was wondering if there are any at home remedies other moms have tried and if it could give me more of a possibility of a child wiht lots of hair! My babies dads brother just had a 10lb 6 oz baby wiht lots of hair and she had wild heartburn too..i wonder if my kid will be that big!!! Thank You for all the answers!

health answers:

I had terrible heartburn for my entire pregnancy also, but I also had Reflux before I got pregnant. As far as at home rememedies, milk worked well for me, lots and lots of milk. On a side note, I gave birth to my daughter 3 weeks early and she was 10lbs. 9oz. With a crazy amount of hair. The people in the room all commented as she was crowning, wow, look at all that hair! To which my response at that moment was lets get her out and talk about how much hair she has after!!! Best of luck to you and congratulations!!

William asks…


I am a 15 years old boy, and I have a problem with my stomach. It feels like a bad hearburn after I ate something the night before, and it’s very uncomfortable, it lasts at least through the whole night.
This heartburn feeling comes about every few months, do you know why?

health answers:

Do you mean you eat at bedtime? It’s not good to eat within an hour of going to sleep because the increased acid in your stomach can give you problems when you lay down to sleep. Caffeine, chocolate can cause increased acid production too.

Are you drinking enough water with your meals? It’s important to clear your esophagus after having solids, especially if you tend to get heartburn. When you get that heartburn, sip on water to try to dilute the acid.

When you feel the heartburn coming on at night, take a Mylanta or Maalox and try sleeping up on 3 or 4 pillows, or elevate the head of your mattress on some pillows, or elevate the head of your bed on some blocks or books. That can help prevent the stomach acid from splashing up into your esophagus.

Some people have a weak valve at the top of their stomach. That allows acid to splash up into the esophagus, causing heartburn. That is known GERD. If you allow that to continue you could have problems with ulcer and even cancer of the esophagus. You should tell your doc about those symptoms so he/she can order something for you. At age 15 you need your tetanus booster, so when you go to the doc to get that, mention your heartburn. Good luck!

Thomas asks…

HeartBurn :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::?

i have been sick with a fever (104),, a bad smokers cough which i have never smoked in my life ,, a headache and noww i have really bad heartburn .. i havent eatten anything today but i did drink alot of water. i was wonder how to get rid of heartburn ? and why do i have heartburn.

health answers:

You already asked this question and i already told you: cheeze its.

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