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James asks…

where can i talk to other teenagers with crohns ?

i want to talk to other peers with crohns threw instant chat or emails (like a penpal or whatever) or a good forum. thanks for help.

Nutritionatlast answers:

I believe there are facebook pages for this, i am very interested in your medical condition, and if you would like to IM me about it just click on my profile and then you can talk to me about what it has done to your life and how you have overcome the challenges it has posed.

Betty asks…

Any ideas…??

I have had chronic diarrhea and upper tummy pain (just where the rib cage forms – like in and up), both symptoms have been going on for a month now. I have seen my GP several times, and have had 2 blood tests, 2 stool tests and an ultrasound which all came back clear. The GP is now refering me on to gastroenterologist (I think), but the problem is there is only 1 in the state. Anyway I rang up and literally begged, and have got in for next week. They are going to do a consultation but said that I would probably have to have a colonoscopy or an endoscopy or both. My aunt has had Crohns Disease so whether it is that or not I do not know. My question is; has anyone had any of those symptoms and what were their results? If anyone has had something similar and are able to tell me their story that too would be appreciated. Whilst we are here, can anyone provide a link to a health forum which they can recommend? Serious answers only please.

Nutritionatlast answers:

It sounds like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Web MD is a good site to investigate symptoms and get information. Good Luck!

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