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Mandy asks…

Similac Alimentum or Similac Sensitive for acid reflux babies?

After doing a ton of research, I’m sure my son has acid reflux (he’s 2 1/2 months old). No, it is not just colic and he cannot have gripe water since he has renal issues as well (only saying that to avoid someone suggesting it). He has most of the symptoms of acid reflux and none of the natural methods help plus he spits up Mylicon along with his formula. He is currently on Similac Alimentum but a few people have mentioned Similac Sensitive which he was never put on. Does anyone know if one is better than the other for reflux babies? I had heard that in the past Similac Sensitive was lactose free but is it still lactose free? Also I’m on WIC (no nasty comment please) & my checks are good until Sept 20th for the Alimentum so does anyone know if WIC will change them if need by or if we are stuck with this formula til then even if the Sensitive is better???
Asrai – He is in severe pain! His stomach spasms, he cries in pain with tears running down his face, can’t sleep because of the pain so is always tired. We are going to the dr today. I was only asking because I’m doing research on things to mention to the dr today.

Nutritionatlast answers:

Remember that, in many cases, acid reflux is just a function of an under-developed GI tract. It’s not necessarily a bad reaction to formula, so you can (and should) try to find a formula that suits him best, but if the formula isn’t causing the problem, then a new formula isn’t going to solve it either. It’s just a matter of finding something that doesn’t aggravate it any worse. He should eventually outgrow acid reflux (GERD) as his digestive tract matures.

Alimentum SEEMS to be the formula that most people agree works best. If he is still miserable, then you might ask your doctor about Zantac, which has been approved for babies as young as one month. Your pediatrician can give you dosage instructions if he agrees that this might be a good fit.

William asks…

What are the symptoms of acid reflux in babies?

Is spitting up always symptom? I had heard that acid reflux babies have projectile vomitting and spitting up.
My 3 mth old son is very fussy much of the day and will spit up, but no more than your average baby does. I’ve always just been assuming its colic, but I’ve tried all the popular colic remedies and nothing seems to help. So I’ve just been wondering if he could be having some reflux.
He was also born 6 weeks early…

Nutritionatlast answers:

Spitting up is not always reflux, and reflux does not always produce (visible) spit up. Projectile vomiting is not reflux. A baby born premature is more prone to have episodes of reflux. Symptoms vary but can include screaming when laying down, spitting up, irritability when eating, refusing to eat (usually in older children), arching of the back with crying, frequent hiccups, and “wet” burps.

My boys were also six weeks early and suffer from reflux. They each started out taking 3 different medications and sleeping on an incline. At 7 months of age we are finally down to just Prevacid and that seems to have helped the most. Call your doctor and see what he/she thinks- the sooner you get your baby in, the more comfortable you can both be.

Good luck 🙂

James asks…

Acid Reflux babies question?

My little one has had pretty bad acid reflux since birth. She’s on a daily medicine and it has gotten a little better. I have been breastfeeding exclusivley up until now (4 months) but I just started to incorporate a bottle of formula because since I’ve been back to work I haven’t been able to keep up as well on the pumping. But my question is… What formula’s should I try? We have given her Similac Advance and she spits it up worse than my breast milk. Is there a process of them getting used to the formula, as in, is the spitting up a normal short term reaction? or do I need to try other formula’s?

Nutritionatlast answers:

I’ve had 2 acid reflux babies. I breastfed both (well, I’m still breastfeeding one, she’s 7 months old), and I’ll tell you their reflux was/is sooooooo much worse if I ate something that disagreed with their tummy. Their reflux medicine only helped about 50%, and the rest was/is all diet related. Dairy was huge – I absolutely couldn’t have dairy with either one. Or eggs, peanuts, soy, oats, foods with a lot of spice and flavor, etc. When they both hit about 6 months old, I was able to add more back into my diet. I’m guessing the formula you chose really isn’t sitting well with your baby’s tummy – and that you’ll get the same reaction, not matter how long you keep her on it. Neither of my babies took/take bottles, so I don’t know much about formulas. But I would try something lactose-free to start out with. If that doesn’t work, try an allergen-free formula

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