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Lizzie asks…

What are the latest colitis medications?

Many thanks for the time you allocate.

Nutritionatlast answers:

There are different kinds of colitis, and the treatment depends on the exact kind of colitis being treated. Colitis is a serious disease, so you should see a medical professional. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

Is there any other way to help my ulcerative colitis without medications?

I have ulcerative colitis and i was going to the doctor, but the medicine was not doing me any good, it actually felt worst. I don’t kno what to do this is a horrible thing to have i feel like i can’t go out like normal people for a long time because im always going to the bathroom any advice would be very much appreciated thanks

Nutritionatlast answers:

I know exactly how you feel. The medicines my doctor prescribed actually made my symptoms worse and the Prednisone made me puff up like a balloon. At a certain point I began wondering what it was that had caused me to have UC in the first place, and I became a little wary of flooding my body with chemicals.

Unfortunately the dietary changes and even naturopathic treatment didn’t work for me either.

I eventually decided to see a therapist. I just went to my college’s counseling office–they weren’t even experienced with my condition. What my counselor was experienced with, though, was students coping with stress. It was in that office that I finally began to understand my condition as very (maybe even mostly) stress related and induced.

The act of talking to someone about everything I had going on in my life really helped. She was also able to suggest some things I could do to become less stressed, such as getting better at saying “no” to commitments my schedule couldn’t handle, even if I really wanted to be involved. I dropped a class and took more “me” time. And I haven’t had a flare-up since. I’m off meds and in remission, and so happy to have my body back.

I would suggest you find a counselor. If it doesn’t help manage your symptoms it will at least help manage your psychological health while coping with the condition.

Best of luck. I feel you.

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