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Nancy asks…

stomach ulcer medication treatment help!!!!?

OK im 22yrs this for people that had experience with stomach ulcer so please don’t answer if you don’t know. I have a stomach ulcer pain that hurts all the time when i eat or i don’t eat..
i had a it look at by doctors but there no bleeding its just a stomach ulcer so im on medication for it now but i still have pain.So i ask what is the best medication treatment and what is it call and where can i get it for this stomach ulcer. so please i need all the information i need for a stomach ulcer treatment thx.

Nutritionatlast answers:

Go see a gastroenterologist. They can fix your ulcer with something called an endoscopy. They can also treat you for the bacteria (h pylori) that causes the ulcer with 3 medications. I dont know what medicine they put you on but your best bet for IMMEDIATE relieve is an antacid like maalox. But only use that for a short time. The best medicines available for ulcer are the proton pump inhibitors (PPI). Goto the pharmacy and ask for an over the counter PPI like prilosec (omepazole), you can take 2 doses at once and that will equal prescription strength. Feel better.

Sharon asks…

What is the treatment of a stomach ulcer when proton pump inhibitors do not work?

I am going to see a doctor monday… I was just wondering… Maybe ask him about possible treatments…

Nutritionatlast answers:

Not sure, i would ask a physician..

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