Your Questions About Heartburn Home Remedies

Mandy asks…

How do u get rid of heartburn home remedies please?

Nutritionatlast answers:

If you have regular heartburn, sure use any simple remedies but should it be a real problem then I would certainly try the Lifewave Aeon patch. This is a Non Transdermal patch – nothing goes into your body – and works like acupuncture on meridains but without needles. The patches are extremely simple and safe to use. We have helped hundreds of people using this patch for various conditions including digestive problems. It is used and promoted by thousands of medical professionals around the world and is accepted by the medical authorities in all the many countries it is available. Worth a thought?

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Thomas asks…

heartburn- home remedies???

i have no idea if i have heartburn, but it sure does feel like it. i’ve never had this feeling before in my chest.. and it sure does feel like heartburn. any quick remedies or suggestions as to what it is??
i didnt eat much today except chickfila for lunch and rice soup in the morning. water in between both meals. is this heartburn?? it’s a burning sensation and it makes me feel very uncomfortable around the chest area. im only 25! didnt think i could get heartburn!!!

Nutritionatlast answers:

First off…it probably is heartburn or acid reflux..BUT there is a small possibility it could be related to your heart…and that is nothing to ignore or delay on. Please go see your doctor and have it checked out. If it gets worse may want to go to emergency. 25 year olds can have heart attacks.

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Assuming it isn’t try some pepto bismol, gaviscon or maalox from the drug store…if it is acid reflux it should settle down. Also you can get zantac over the counter or losec too I believe which will usually stop acid reflux in its tracks.

Again this is something you should see your doctor over if the condition persists cause acid reflux can damage your esophagus and lead to permanent scarring and precancerous conditions. The good news is that with new medications..such as Proton Pump can totally control it. Other things to control would be to eliminate spicey foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, tomato products, alcohol and not eat prior to go to bed. If you can elevate the head of your bed with pillows or books under the feet of the bed that can reduce acid reflux which is usually worse at night.

Good luck.

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