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Chris asks…

what causes stomach pain after eating and excessive burping and bubbles in throat?

my girlfriend gets very sick generally after eating she gets very sharp pains in her stomach followed shortly after with excessive belching and noises that sound like bubbles coming from her stomach and throat. what could cause this and how can I stop it?

Nutritionatlast answers:

Acid overproduction. Acid reflux is the most common cause. It is when your stomach produce more stomach acid thatn usual to accomidate with the excessive intake of foods and sometimes reaches you esophagus causing deterioration of the esophagus wall. (not a good thing) for instant relief, try liquid pepto bismol or a full glass of cold milk.

Donald asks…

Why do i get a stomach pain after eating a Watermelon in the morning? its even more severe on empty stomach?

Someone told me that watermelon is one of the negative calorie foods, so I’ve lately started eating a big bowl of watermelon in the morning as my breakfast, but i get stomach ache after eating it everytime… is there a problem with my stomach??.. what should i do?

Nutritionatlast answers:

What I was taught by my mother, some of the things that causes pain when eating watermelon is overeating the cool wonderful meat of the fruit to close to the rhine and eating the seeds. Watermelon creates gases within the digestive system, so be-aware eat small amounts and do not eat the seeds. This is an opinion from personal experience. Everyone I know has experience this problem at one time or another. A solutions that I have seen work to many times to count is take the word big out from in front of the word bowl and replace it with the word small (small bowl). Hope this helps!

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