Colitis or IBD

The most common thing I hear about having Crohn’s or colitis (collectively known as IBD or inflammatory bowel disease) is that people who have them feel frustrated and hopeless.

With IBD, your life become COMPLETELY about the disease.

You miss time from work or school. You decline social invitations for fear of having an attack and all the embarrassment that would cause. And God knows, you MUST know where the public bathroom is in every single place you go.

To say it’s frustrating is the understatement of the year!

But perhaps the saddest thing of all is the hopelessness.

People with IBD feel there’s nothing they can do to make a difference. They’ve resigned themselves to the fact that they must “live with it,” dutifully take their steroids, and pray they don’t lose their intestines.

Yes, I have seen many tears as Crohn’s and colitis sufferers described how they felt…
So you can imagine the surprise (and, honestly, many times disbelief) on the faces of these people when I tell them there IS something they can do to end the misery.


Yes, that’s right.

You CAN help to prevent attacks.

You CAN help keep your intestines.

You CAN probably get off the dangerous drugs.

You CAN do this by just giving your body a little help from within.

Here’s what I mean — there are 2 very effective ways you can help your body win the war over Crohn’s and colitis:

1) Better digestion = happy intestines

A MAJOR factor affecting the level of inflammation in your intestines is how efficient your digestion is. And that begins and ends with your food choices.

Efficient digestion produces wastes that move through your system easier, so there is little or no irritation of intestines that may be covered with sores and pus.

Poor digestion, on the other hand, results in wastes that can stick to your colon wall and harmful bacteria buildup, both of which can lead to irritation that causes or worsens an attack…

What has been repeatedly proven to work in the real world is specific combinations of foods.

You see, eating incompatible food groups in single meals is literally a recipe for disaster when you have IBD. But when you eat alkaline-creating foods and food combinations that play nice with each other, it’s like heaven.

No pain.

No diarrhea.

No bleeding.

Just peace.

And that’s what I will teach you in my #1 best-selling digestive health system.

In my system, you’ll learn exactly what to do, exactly what to eat and how to mix your foods so you’ll minimize irritation and feel great every day, after every meal, every hour of every day.

Plus, I’ll explain the science behind why it works so well for everyone. Yes, the principles are founded in the sciences of human biology and chemistry…and they’re based on a system devised by a medical doctor who overcame an often fatal kidney disease by eating this way.

Many people with Crohn’s or colitis report relief from diarrhea and bleeding almost immediately.

How does THAT sound to you?!

And when you are super sensitive to any cooked or processed foods (but you wont’ quit eating them), Digestizol Max supports your body in breaking down foods that have no digestive enzymes in them.  Check it out there.

And now for number 2:

2) Smarten up that immune system

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s are autoimmune conditions, meaning there is a mixed-up immune response going on, but that’s no reason to wave a white flag and give up.

There’s plenty you can do.

Having a strong population of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut helps to encourage more of your immune system’s Regulatory T cell to form, which are the immune cells that naturally fight inflammation.

Plus, probiotics help the other cells in your intestinal tract to treat normal molecules as innocent instead of enemies….

…A double bonus for anyone with Crohn’s or colitis.

And the best way you can help your body to achieve and maintain a strong population of beneficial bacteria is to take a top-shelf probiotic supplement.

Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is the most top-shelf you can get in the probiotic world.

Unlike risky drugs and steroids that throw other bodily systems out of whack, Super Shield helps naturally encourage more Regulatory T cell formation, thereby addressing the immune system’s mixed-up response to normal tissues and cells.

It also helps your digestion become more efficient and encourages regular, smooth-sailing bowel movements.

That’s sweet music to an IBD sufferer’s ears!

And get this — it’s safe and actually GOOD for you… No dangerous side effects to concern yourself with.

A real win-win.


Sherry Brescia

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