End Stomach Pain. Say No to GERD, Acid Reflux.

If You have Stomach Pain it could be Acid Reflux or GERD.

This article could be very important for you.  Contrary to what you might have been told,  Acid Reflux  or GERD are not diseases.  They are symptoms  of how you eat.
“But the commercials, and magazine ads…and even my doctor calls it acid reflux disease.”  Well, dig in a little deeper and you can find out what’s really going on.

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When you whack the coffee table in the dark with your shin, the resulting bruise is not a coffee table disease.  It’s a result of an action that you did.  Stop the action, stop the bruising result.  Same thing with Stomach Pain – GERD – Acid Reflux.
You see, when someone with a so-called stomach pain “disease,”  changes how they eat, changes what order they eat things, and the pain goes away almost immediately,it’s not a disease.

It’s simply improper food combinations that cause the stomach to overproduce acid enzymes, which for a variety of reasons flow up into your esophagus, creating a burning sensation.  Certain foods and food combinations can upset this delicate balance and  create the wrong chemical condition in your body — acidity.
You body works just fine as long as you sustain the right chemical balance — having a blood pH that’s somewhat alkaline.  Things aren’t so fine when the accumulation of acid  from your body’s digestion and the waste products from cell metabolism are greater than what your body can eliminate.

“Steady drips can sink the ships.”  As with the ship, if there’s a small ‘leak’ you might not notice it for a while and you’ll stay afloat with no side effects.  But, over time, as the acid accumulates you begin to sink.  Your organs can’t work like they should.  Aches and pains pop up.  Sickness can flourish.

One of the many side effects caused by eating in a way that upsets your body’s sought after chemical balance is acid reflux.

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Acid Reflux or GERD or Stomach Pain can be nothing more than your stomach telling you it can’t efficiently digest what you’ve put in it.  It just produces more digestive enzymes trying to accomplish its task, but it’s fighting a losing battle.

Then what happens?  Your stomach contents, partially digested food with acid and digestive enzymes, seep up into the esophagus and you feel the burn in your chest.  This nonetheless, is NOT a disease — it’s your body telling you to change your diet and eat foods that will help reinstate your chemical balance!

So, what’s the answer?  It may sound trite, but it’s really quite simple:  Eat the proper foods in the proper order.  That’s it!   Do this, and your life changes amazingly fast. You can buy all the right foods from the grocery store not from a diet catalog or ‘weigh in’ store.

You will be able to eat what you want, not have to prop up in bed up, or take any of the heartburn drugs.  Your body’s chemical balance will be restored.  Your stomach pain will be over and many other benefits of an alkaline state will appear as well.
If you’ve suffered with Acid Reflux, it’s time for a change.  Get a Free No Stomach Pain Report here and restore your body’s alkaline pH. See what it’s like to experience a “miracle.”

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