Heartburn due to Food Combinations


There are several foods which are either good or bad when combined with others and a bad combination of foods often causes heartburn. Here are some tips to avoid heartburn simply by eating foods in the proper order.  Get GTNP
Tips For Combining Foods to Prevent Heartburn
1. Eat fats and oils together with non starchy vegetables.  And, eat carbohydrates together with non starchy vegetables. Non starchy vegetables are those that are high in water content such as broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, and cucumbers.
2. If you do not have these foods or you want more variety of foods, there are other good food combinations for heartburn. These are carbohydrates together with fats and oils, proteins together with non starchy vegetables or mild starchy vegetables together with carbohydrates. Mild starchy vegetables include beets, cauliflower, carrots, peas and corn.
3. There are other food combinations which are not that great in preventing heartburn but they can somehow help. Also, these foods are the kinds of foods that most people eat nowadays. These food combinations are carbohydrates together with protein, fats and oils together with protein, fruits foods together with protein, acid foods together with protein and fruits together with starch foods.
4. To prevent heartburn, try eating several small amount of meals rather than eating 3 large ones.
5. Do not eat more than 1 type of protein food every meal.
6. Do not combine fruits together with other food group. Eat melons alone.
7. Avoid acid types of fruits such as citrus fruits if you already are experiencing heartburn.
8. When drinking milk, drink it without other meals especially for those who have heartburn.
9. Avoid eating desserts – that means REDUCE SUGAR!


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