Kill Your Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Many Americans know this scenario:  You eat a ‘good meal’ and have digestive issues afterwards – acid rising up in your throat and stomach pain.  This heartburn happens frequently, so you go to your regular doctor or maybe even a specialist:  a gastroenterologist.

There could be a number of maladies, but let’s just say the doc says you have GERD,   Acid Reflux or Heartburn.  The good news is, “there’s a pill for that!”  You’re probably only given that one choice: medication.  But, after a while, the pills don’t really seem to help. And many times they make you feel worse! Plus, you’re always hungry.  And you gain weight.  Sound familiar?

The main cause of most digestive problems

is…ta  da:  Too Much Acidity in your Body.  That’s it.  It’s caused by 3 things:  a) eating too much of the wrong foods, b) not eating enough of the good foods,  and c) eating the right foods in the wrong combination.  This gives your stomach fits trying to digest things, which usually means it sends more acid to digest the mass sitting in your stomach.

The resulting acidosis leads to incomplete digestion of food and an inability to absorb and use nutrients. Poorly digested food causes excess acid production in your stomach which then rises up into your throat.  This acidity in your body also ruins the flora balance (good bacteria) in your intestines.

And it gets worse as the cycle goes on over time.  You can eventually end up with one of these unpleasant conditions:  gastritis, diverticulosis, IBS, Crohn’s, excess gas, bloating, hiatal hernia, colitis, diarrhea, etc.

Now that you know how you got it, here’s what you should do to get better:  make your body more alkaline and balance your intestinal flora.  Two VERY simple steps:

1- Get Great Taste No Pain now and follow the advice.

If you have been diagnosed with a digestive problem, you MUST start eating foods that will make your body more alkaline — that is exactly what you’ll find in Great Taste No Pain.

Stop eating foods that don’t digest well together, and limit foods that, all by themselves are acid forming:

— heartburn will go away (no more sleeping propped up on pillows!)
— diarrhea and constipation disappear (regular BMs every single day)
— your stomach will go down (no more bloating)
— pain and discomfort will stop
— AND you don’t need to take medications anymore (say goodbye to the purple pill)

2- Take a medical-grade, multi-strain probiotic like Blue Rock Holistics’ Super Shield. –

With Super Shield you will bounce back from years acidity. It will help to build up and maintain your supply of friendly bacteria and strengthen your immune system.

Keep in mind that health care is a for profit industry.  You must remember that your health is entirely your responsibility.  Doctors are trained to give pills and do surgery, after the horse has already left the barn, so to speak.  They spend very little time coaching people how to be healthy and prevent problems.

Great Taste No Pain and Super Shield are the perfect combination for outstanding digestive health:  inexpensive AND the most effective.

Feel better, look better, live longer and happier.

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